About Valley House

Located in the lush hills of Ke`alia, on Hawai`i’s Garden Isle of Kaua`i, Valley House is a matchless estate situated amid 200 acres of paradise. 

Home to architectural splendor, flora and fauna bursting with fruit and flower, and stunning scenery, Valley House estate evokes a powerful spirit of place. Beautiful gardens spanning as far as the eyes can see blend into primal rainforest, reinforcing unparalleled privacy and presence of nature.

Valley House estate is steeped in history. Its legendary reputation comes from its original owner, Colonel Zephaniah Smith Spalding, a Civil War veteran who came to Kaua`i in 1878 per King Kalakaua’s request. Spalding obtained 11,000 acres of land and established Kaua`i’s sugarcane industry. By 1880, Spalding had finished his Ke`alia estate and named his home “The Valley House.” The Colonel was renowned for his lavish entertaining of aristocratic guests and sumptuous festivities. Historic features abound on the property. The half-acre lily pond rimmed by Royal palms, the arching bridge, and the groves and orchards.

On the estate gate, you are greeted by the iconic image of the monkey pod tree, a majestic guardian. Beyond the gate is a world of wonder, and as it parts, you are invited into an idyllic world of magical landscapes. Upon crossing the 125 year old bridge, the extraordinary awaits you:  ambling stream, century old palm trees, lily pond, meditative orchid house, peacocks, and Giant Mango trees. Two landmark waterfalls cascade over cliffs into pristine bathing pools. Craggy mountain ridges frame the comings and goings of the sun and moon. Its splendor is without equal.

Part of the road that takes you toward the first of the three residences is made of hand-shaped Roman paving blocks brought from Italy in the 1800s. The cobblestones bring you through a grove of camphor trees, planted in two lines. King Kalakaua led his processions through the stately trees and you can smell their healing aromas as Cistern House comes into view. 

Cistern House is the primary residence of the estate. Constructed in 2006, it is a 4000 sq ft., 3 bedroom / 3.5 bath cantilevered home—a name true to its origins, as the house was built over a 125 year old cistern, and on three foot thick stone walls. It has a gourmet kitchen designed for entertaining large groups. Fine woods such as Brazilian cherry, rare Hawaiian koa, and walnut are found throughout the home’s architecture and design. Lanai’s wrap around two sides of Cistern House’s upper level and one side of its lower level, providing a tranquil setting to absorb the vivid hues of sunrise and sunset.

Offering luxurious comfort and magnificent views of Sleeping Giant mountain, Cistern House truly is a showcase. Its balcony overlooks Hawai`i’s oldest grove of lychee trees, planted at the turn of the century. Lychee is translated from Chinese as gift for a joyful life and their delicate fruit are known to have extraordinary health benefits.

Built in 2004, Valley House is the aptly named second residence. It is a spacious home set discreetly into the landscape. Situated on top of a hill, it also overlooks the lychee orchard. From its deck you can sit in the hot tub and look through the linear rows of trees and see the sparkle of the Pacific Ocean. Also directly visible from the deck is Opeakaa, one of the estate’s two distinguished waterfalls. Coursing an impressive 75 ft., Opeakaa is a sight to behold!

Valley House has 2 bedrooms and offers everything exceptional about refined island living. Whether you are soothed by the gushing falls, or you enjoy the views a true paradise offers, its beauty and energy are memories that will leave an indelible mark that eases and calms.

Valley House estate is romantic. It is surrounded by Ke`alia river and 100 acres of rainforest fringe its edges. It is a secluded and private place where exotic tropical plants grow wildly and luscious trees—heavy with fruit—spread throughout the property. Valley House estate encapsulates vestiges of Old Hawai`i, with modern comforts, adventure, and nature at your fingertips. 

Regarded as the most beautiful filming location in all of Kaua`i, blockbuster movies have been shot at Valley House estate. You can jump from the same waterfall as Johnny Depp’s character, Captain Jack Sparrow, in Pirates of the Caribbean; or, you can explore the cave behind the waterfall that Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas hurled themselves over, as Joan Wilder and Jack Colton in Romancing the Stone. Jurassic Park, Tropic Thunder, and George of the Jungle also share roots in this special property. 

Never lacking for something to do, see, or investigate, Valley House estate affords possibilities that are sure to impress. Try our Olympic quality skeet range in the morning sun. Swim in waterfall pools or discover buried stone walls from days gone by. Perhaps grab a fly rod and fish for smallmouth bass beneath the falls or in the stream. Surf at Kapa`a beach—it’s only 10 minutes away via ATV. Hiking, wild hog hunting, star watching, horseback riding, you name it...Valley House estate is unmatched in inspiration.

Shaded walks, meandering paths, and amazing foliage will enrich your experience as you explore. In roughly two hours you can hike the property, taking in its many splendors. Its soaring and special spirit must be felt in person. Lush rainforest borders the acreage, providing palpable rejuvenation and invigoration. Its energizing, fresh oxygen is known to heal the wounded and strengthen the weary. Organic avocado, banana, orange, tangerine, pomalo, mangos, lychee, and noni fruit are seasonally available; heart meets health and bounty infuses within.

Elegance and adventure, relaxation and stimulation. Lose yourself in the richness of Valley House estate. Commute from the airport to its helipad—you avoid traffic and take in fabulous views; it is win-win. Rainbows of color and discovery are important parts of this dreamworld. Valley House estate is a bastion and beacon of nature’s finest.